Sunday James Shares His Experience with Receiving Blood Donations

Written by: Nnenna Kumenda

Sunday James talks about how important donating blood is for the sickle cell community and how blood transfusions have been saving his life since he was two years old. 

To those living with sickle cell disease we know how hard it is to find blood donors, especially with those who develop antibodies. Sunday highlights the significance of blood donation through sharing a story of his recent experience with a blood transfusion which he believes saved his life. Back in 2022, he describes being in the hospital for five days without pain relief after trying multiple ways to manage it. His doctor gave him an exchange transfusion, which removes a patient’s sickled red blood cells and transfuses a donor’s health red blood cells. In only two days after the transfusion, he was back to being pain-free and out of the hospital. 

January is National Blood Donor Month. James encourages others to donate blood to save someone’s life, especially those living with chronic illnesses like his. To donate visit your local hospital and/or blood donation center and save someone’s life.