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Our educational material is accessed by followers in 103 countries. We have over 40,000 followers combined on our social media platforms.

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To globally provide educational resources and content pertaining to sickle cell disease and trait to key community stakeholders, especially patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, and the general public.

Who We Are

Sickle Cell 101 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that specializes in sickle cell education on social media and other platforms. Our slogan is,

"education + awareness" because we strongly believe these two factors are vital contributors to the progression of the disorder, with the end goal of a universal cure.


Through education we are able to equip those affected by sickle cell, around the world, with a comprehensive understanding of the disorder. Equally, by raising awareness, our goal is for sickle cell to become a household name to encourage genetic testing, generate funding, and further research efforts.


What We Do: Sickle Cell Education

With our "education on the go" motif, we use simple facts and tips to educate and raise awareness for sickle cell. Among others, social media is our largest platform, allowing users to access our information from a local to an international scale.


Information presented by Sickle Cell 101 includes: general facts and information about sickle cell, genetics, statistics and calculating probabilities for inheriting the gene, defining terminology pertaining to sickle cell, health tips on managing the disease, sickle cell news and medical advancements, resources, and anything in between.

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