Happy 10th Anniversary Sickle Cell 101

Celebrating 10 years of sickle cell education, research and advocacy.

Learn About Sickle Cell

The Learn Center is a community-friendly resource to learn about various topics surrounding sickle cell.

Get answers to common questions and learn more about what sickle cell is, how to manage it, current treatment options and other important information to help you navigate and manage the disorder.

Learn Center

Sickle Cell Studies

Moving Sickle Cell Research Forward – A research hub to find enrolling clinical trials and survey studies, get research updates, questions to ask, key terminologies and more.

Making Decisions As A Family
Jewel and Paula discuss shared decision making when it comes to participating in clinical trials for sickle cell.

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Sickle Cell 101 (SC101) owns the largest and most comprehensive digital platforms for information dissemination and real-time generated community insights and patient experience data.

Trusted by our global community, SC101 is a reliable source of information for  sickle cell created specifically for individuals impacted  by sickle cell and other key stakeholders.

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Annually, Sickle Cell 101 develops an Impact Report highlighting its reach and program impact.
Our 2022 Impact Report
  • I love Sickle Cell 101. It is one of my favorite sickle cell organizations because of how useful the information is, along with how much community is surrounded by it!

    Beatrice Nortley, NV
  • Just wanted to take a moment to express how grateful I am to have found a community that is helping me become more educated for the sake of my child.

    Yvonne Henriquez, NY
  • I have asked my child’s doctors questions that they were honestly surprised about from the information I have learned from Sickle Cell 101’s platforms. We feel understood.

    Darleni Guerrero, NY
  • You all have provided me with so much information. I have learned more from your pages than any doctor’s visit. Continue to educate us.

    Ashley Reed, MO
  • SC101 provides updates on sickle cell news and insight into sickle cell research. The content is easy to engage with and grasp. It encourages others to advocate

    Karimat Karim, UK

About Us

We’re here to educate, empower and connect the global sickle cell community through targeted digital engagement and data-driven initiatives.


Evidence-based educational content that enables people impacted by sickle cell across the globe to better manage the disease and improve their quality of life.

Quick Facts

  • Although rare in Western countries, sickle cell is one of the most common genetic disorders globally.

  • One copy of the sickle cell gene (sickle cell trait) evolved to provide a higher resistance to malaria

  • Two individuals with sickle cell trait have a 25% chance per pregnancy of having a child with sickle cell disease.

  • It is estimated 25 million people live with sickle cell disease and 300 million have sickle cell trait globally.

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