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Learn Your Sickle Cell Genotype

Sickle Cell 101 and 23andMe Inc have joined forces to provide education and free resources to those unaware of their sickle cell trait status and are seeking to learn more. Read more from the press release and blog post to learn more about this Sickle Cell 101 and 23andMe Inc collaboration.

Complete the short form below to get a free test and learn about your genotype.


  • You have African ancestry; identify as Black, African American, or of African descent; or you have ancestry from a region where sickle cell disease is common
  • You are willing to provide a saliva sample for DNA testing
  • You are willing to agree to 23andMe’s Terms of Service and Privacy Statement
  • Research consent is optional and not required for participation in the program
  • The 23andMe test is currently only available to participants living in the United States 

Regions include Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, the Caribbean, Mediterranean Europe/Asia, Central and South America.