Anne Welsh

London, UK

“My sickle cell pain motivates me to work hard and make a difference in the community. I use my platform for global awareness of sickle cell. We are always silent; it is our time to shine and let the world know our worth.”


Anne is a sickle cell warrior and advocate, wife, and mother of a son and daughter. She is an entrepreneur and Founder/CEO of Painless Universal. She is also an internationally recognized author and motivational speaker, connecting with people on how to deal with physical and mental pain on an individual basis, and working closely with corporate decision-makers.

Anne’s academic credentials include a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Finance from Hertfordshire University in the UK. She is also a graduate of London’s Cass Business School with an MSc in Investment Management.

Anne is a member of Cass’s Executive Board of the Global Women’s Leadership Programme, which seeks to inspire, equip and connect women to become thriving leaders. She is a global leader in sickle cell awareness and former Chairperson of Sickle Cell Society UK. Anne is a leading international speaker and best-selling author of her memoir “Painless: Living with Pain Finding Joy,” endorsed by Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – Director General of the World Health Organization.


Having lived with pain all her life, Anne is an expert in improving the well-being and performance of people and organizations. She launched Painless Universal as the platform to support these endeavors after the tremendous response to her bestselling book, “Painless – Living with Pain, Finding Joy.” Through her book, her organization is making a significant social impact as it is dedicated to improving sickle cell awareness and sharing solutions for the quality of life that can improve for people with the disease or, for that matter, people with chronic illnesses.

Anne hosts and produces a show called Painless Universal. She interviews people going through pain, such as those living with sickle cell disease, and enables them to share their journey and story, aiming to reach and empower people going through similar pain.

As a former Chairperson of the charity Sickle Cell Society UK, Anne supported developing and implementing policies to improve the quality of life of affected individuals.

From dealing with the World Health Organization, United Nations, and various governments from the UK, Bahrain, Saudi, USA, African, and others, Anne uses her voice to make leaders understand their pain. Through her work, sickle cell is now included in the U.K. nursing program, and an All-Party Parliamentary Group was formed. Bahrain worked with international organizations to bring awareness to their great work. During the African Union head of states meeting, sickle cell was discussed. The global pharmaceutical worked with First Ladies to listen to their concerns about the disorder.