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Celebrating 10 Years: About the SCAY Awards

The Sickle Cell Advocates of the Year (SCAY) Awards is annually recognizes devoted sickle cell advocates who have made invaluable strides towards the progression of sickle cell through their contributions and achievements. To put it simply, we are recognizing excellence in sickle cell advocacy.

The profile of a Sickle Cell Advocate of the Year is that of an individual that radiates a passion for sickle cell advocacy, while engaging the community and inspiring others to make a difference. They are educators, spokespeople, and supporters; they are positive representatives in the sickle cell community.

This award promotes patient engagement by allowing individuals within the sickle cell community to nominate sickle cell advocates that exemplify all of the qualities listed above. In the past years we have received hundreds of candidates from around the world.

Award Categories

This year Sickle Cell 101 is honoring one (1) advocate in each of the following categories:

  1. Sickle Cell Advocate of the Year: Recognizes a leader who has inspired and empowered the sickle cell community through tireless education, outreach and activism.
  2. Youth Sickle Cell Advocate of the Year: Honors a young leader under 18 for their admirable efforts to serve the SCD community.
  3. Digital Sickle Cell Advocate of the Year: Celebrates an influencer who has connected and rallied the online SCD community through digital engagement and advocacy.
  4. Sickle Cell HCP Advocate of the Year: Honors a clinician, nurse or provider who has championed compassionate, optimal SCD care through patient engagement and allyship.
  5. Sickle Cell Community Partner of the Year: Recognizes a company or organization for their impactful contributions and commitment to improving SCD community wellbeing.

Read more about our past SCAY Award Recipients and their achievements.


The SCAY Awards are open to individuals globally that are doing great work for the sickle cell cause. This may include individuals living with sickle cell, their family members, caregivers, and/or healthcare professionals.  

SCAY nominations are open to the global sickle cell community. Individuals must be able to prove their accomplishments through documentation.


  • Nominee cannot be affiliated with Sickle Cell 101


To celebrate their achievements all award recipients (with the exception of Community Partner) will receive the following:

  • Moon Award
  • Cash prize or congress sponsorship (up to $2,500)
  • Awards package
  • Features highlighting their work

The Community Partner award recipient will receive the Moon Award placard and features highlighting their work.

Award Selection

Judging Panel and Community Voting

A judging panel consistent of advocates and leaders within the space will determine the winners of the following categories: Sickle Cell Advocate, Youth Advocate, HCP Advocate, and Community Partner

The global sickle cell community will determine a winner from the Digital Advocate category.