Siliana Coelho


Sickle cell has always been something that has impacted every aspect of my life, from school, family and holiday. I missed out on pretty much a lot, always felt outcasted because no one understood my condition or even why I looked the way I looked. When I was younger I made a promise to myself that when I’d grow up, I’d be the woman I am today. Advocating confidently for sickle cell.

My online platform is only used to advocate sickle cell, raise awareness for blood donation and showing ways to still live with the condition & be happy. I empower women to feel sexy, beautiful and confident in their condition. I show that no matter what cards life dealt you, you can keep going. I show young generations to keep pushing because it does get better. With my advocacy, I’ve raised millions of views on social media platforms showing sickle cell in play. I uploaded an intimate moment where I am crying in a crisis and I didn’t feel discouraged, I feel strong and I knew the impact it would have on the community. I was contacted by news outlets, social media influencers and even was on BBC.