Sarah Masamba


My name is Sarah Masamba. I’m from the Democratic Republic of Congo, currently living in South Africa. I’m a 5th-year medical student who’s very passionate about using social media to share knowledge. My father is my biggest inspiration because he is a hard worker and has always had faith in me and pushed me towards achieving my dreams.

The impact that I made to the sickle cell community was opening up and sharing my story and everyday experiences of living with sickle cell; basically just being myself. I created a platform educating people about this condition from two viewpoints merged into one: a patient living with the disease and a medical student.

I am motivated by my personal journey with Sickle Cell disease. Since I was born with the disease, I have had many ups and downs. I want to help others manage and cope better than I did. Also, as a 5th year medical student, I am well-placed to break down the complexities of Sickle Cell Disease in the healthcare system. Finally, I simply love sharing knowledge, bringing awareness, and doing this via social media.