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Luckily, the communities surrounding people with sickle cell, and those caring for people with sickle cell, continues to grow every day. Sickle Cell 101, based out of San Jose CA, provides several sickle cell social media resources to help educate people and raise awareness. One of the best resources we have put together is our regular podcast on sickle cell topics. Available through several platforms, including Spotify, we offer short, educational episodes for people to tune into. Patients and caregivers alike have the opportunity to listen to several podcasts, with varying topics, from both the past and present. Further, located on our Facebook page, we offer question and answer segments with Dr. Q. Here, people have the opportunity to ask questions about sickle cell with an educated, experienced doctor. Online we also have fact sheets available to download. Save to your computer and email, print, and share valuable information about sickle cell with friends and family.

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