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Impacting nearly 100,000 Americans, and countless others worldwide, sickle cell has the potential to turn into a dangerous blood disease, that if left untreated or improperly monitored can quickly become deadly. At Sickle Cell 101, we understand that sickle cell doesn't just impact the person suffering from the disease, but caregivers, friends, and family alike. Based out of San Jose, CA, Sickle Cell 101 is a non-profit organization that helps to spread awareness and increase education for those seeking information content on sickle cell, and the various diseases that often accompany this blood trait. Our goal is to make all of our resources and information easy to understand and easy to access, providing the best opportunities for people to expand their education and continually learn how to cope with, and treat, sickle cell.

Our sickle cell education team is made up of a conglomeration of medical doctors, research doctors, and passionate board members who strive to share information content on sickle cell. We have followers in over 100 countries across the world, and are actively working to have an even broader worldwide presence. We offer many education dense programs to help spread sickle cell awareness to communities. Many of our programs are offered through social media platforms and range from awarding key members in our community raising awareness, to question and answer sessions with experts on sickle cell. We offer an open platform for members of the community to talk to one another, and to doctors on various topics. Our model is "Education + Awareness" and we strive to deliver this slogan to every aspect of our daily existence.

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