About the SCAY Awards

The Sickle Cell Advocates of the Year (SCAY) Awards is annually recognizes devoted sickle cell advocates who have made invaluable strides towards the progression of sickle cell through their contributions and achievements. To put it simply, we are recognizing excellence in sickle cell advocacy.

The profile of a Sickle Cell Advocate of the Year is that of an individual that radiates a passion for sickle cell advocacy, while engaging the community and inspiring others to make a difference. They are educators, spokespeople, and supporters; they are positive representatives in the sickle cell community. 

This award promotes patient engagement by allowing individuals within the sickle cell community to nominate sickle cell advocates that exemplify all of the qualities listed above. In the past years we have received hundreds of candidates from around the world. 

Award Categories

National (U.S.) Sickle Cell Advocate of the Year

SCAY Award recipient recognized in the United States.

International Sickle Cell Advocate of the Year

SCAY Award recipient recognized outside of the United States; globally.

Health Care Provider Sickle Cell Advocate of the Year

SCAY Award recipient and healthcare provider providing care to the sickle cell patient population.


Community Advocate 

SCAY Award recipient selected by the online sickle cell community.

Community Choice

  • Best personality #LifeOfTheParty

  • Most talented #GoingPlaces

  • Cutest couple #CoupleGoals

  • Most likely to be WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) or MCM (Man Crush Monday) #Bae

  • Most likely to make you smile #Bestie

  • Fiercest in the hospital #SickleSlay


The SCAY Awards are open to anyone doing great work for the sickle cell cause. This may include individuals living with sickle cell, their family members, caregivers, and/or healthcare professionals.  


SCAY nominations are open to the global sickle cell community. Individuals must be able to prove their accomplishments through documentation.


  • Ages (16+)

  • Award nominee cannot be a previous SCAY award recipient

  • Award nominee cannot be affiliated with Sickle Cell 101


SCAY Award Recipients:

  • Award Plaque

  • $500 Cash Prize

  • Sickle Cell Community Gift Bag (3 Giveaway Prizes)

  • Sickle Cell 101 Feature 

    • social media pages

    • website

    • newsletter

Community Choice Prizes:

  • Sickle Cell Community Gift Bag (3 Giveaway Prizes)

  • Sickle Cell 101 Feature

Giveaway Prizes (assortment of items from sickle cell community vendors


Hertz "Naz" Nazaire
My Three Sicklers

The Red Chair Project
Tynisha K Collection

"My Pool of Bethesda" by Jennifer Nsnekyire
"Super Cells" by Princess Walls
"Licensed to Carry" by Monique Favors
"A Doctor in a Patient's Body" by Simon C. Eastman Uwan, MD

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The judging panel will consist of members of the sickle cell community, which will include a previous Sickle Cell Advocate of the Year Award recipients.

Selection Process

The judging panel reviews and evaluates all nominations before naming the Sickle Cell Advocates of the Year. Winners will be announced on Thursday, May 30, 2019.

The final judgment will be based on the following two criteria:

Achievement & Community Impact
Candidate actively engages, and/or provides services to the sickle cell community. Candidate is a positive figure/role model, and their achievements have impacted people within the sickle cell community in a beneficial way.

Education & Awareness
Candidate educates and equips people with vital information and resources. Candidate raises awareness for the disorder by reaching various audiences.



Emmaus Life Science is pleased and honored to partner with Sickle Cell 101 for the 7th Annual SCAY Awards. We applaud Sickle Cell 101 and proudly stand by their side as they bring awareness and education for patient's and their families.

Judging Panel

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