Living Well with Sickle Cell 30 Day Challenge

Start the new year and decade off right! This challenge features healthy eating, self-care, gratitude, and time in the sun ☀️

DAY 1 – Take a selfie – Tag 3 friends to participate in the ‘30 Day Living Well with Sickle Cell Challenge’

DAY 2 – Know your body – Make a list of your triggers and things to avoid in 2020 that cause pain

DAY 3 – Eat healthy – Fruits & veggies: Eat colors orange for breakfast, red for lunch, green for dinner

DAY 4 – Self-care – Meditate for 10 minutes before you start your day today

DAY 5 – Eat healthy – Substitute ingredients to make a healthier alternative of your favorite meal

DAY 6 – Sun time – Spend an hour outdoors or someplace outside of your home

DAY 7 – Self-care – Go to bed earlier today or dedicate one hour to rest and reflect

DAY 8 – Be healthy – Find a multivitamin suitable for you. Be mindful of whether it contains iron

DAY 9 – Eat healthy – Exchange a sweet junk food or candy with a fruit today

DAY 10 – Awareness – Create (or repost) a post on your social media for sickle cell awareness

DAY 11 – Be healthy – Drink only water today– no other beverages

DAY 12 – Self-care – Dress up and look your absolute best today Got no place to go? Take pics

DAY 13 – Gratitude – Write down 10 things you’re grateful for in your life today

DAY 14 – Self-care – Schedule that appointment you’ve been meaning to schedule today

DAY 15 – Eat healthy – Exchange a salty junk food with a vegetable today

DAY 16 – Self-care – Do that thing that makes you happiest today

DAY 17 – Goals – Create a lifestyle ‘do and don’t’ list. Add your triggers list to the ‘don’t’ list

DAY 18 – Self-care – Create a ‘feel good’ playlist on YouTube. Use it when you need it

DAY 19 – Be healthy – Research a natural remedy to help alleviate a symptom

DAY 20 – Gratitude – Write down what you’ve accomplished despite your hardships

DAY 21 – Self-care – Practice deep breathing for 10 minutes. Try and integrate it into your daily routine

DAY 22 – Eat healthy – Incorporate a natural anti-inflammatory food into one of your meals today

DAY 23 – Goals – Write down 10 goals to achieve for the rest of 2020. Pick your first and start a plan

DAY 24 – Take a selfie – Wear your sickle cell gear. Share it on your page

DAY 25 – Be healthy – Find a light exercise you enjoy and make a weekly plan. Do not overexert yourself

DAY 26 – Sun time – Spend 30 minutes in nature, or visit a park. No cellphones allowed

DAY 27 – Self-care – Catch up with a friend or a loved one you haven’t spoken to in awhile

DAY 28 – Eat healthy – Incorporate a root vegetable into one of your meals today

DAY 29 – Self-care – Do something extra special for yourself. You deserve it

DAY 30 – Repeat – Pick three challenges to continue on a daily basis for the next month

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