Chinonso Aladi: Fashion Designer and Owner of Nonso Aladi

By: Halimat Olaniyan

Chinonso Alasi was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. She moved to America 10 years ago and pursued a degree in fashion and design. She started making custom pieces and then decided to take on her company full-time in 2020. She’s been running her own high fashion brand full-time for the past few years. She makes designer handbags with genuine leather from and in Nigeria. She prides herself in uplifting the communities around her in the U.S. and in Nigeria. Her designs are as fabulous as she is and though she makes it look easy, running a busy is not easy. She shares how it can be running a business and being in charge of a team.

Though there are, of course, benefits to being the boss with sickle cell, it’s not always a walk in the park. She’s in charge of making sure things run smoothly, and her business can’t stop functioning just because her sickle cell wants to act up. She discusses how grateful she is for all the support she has and the people she can lean on when things get rough. She’s truly an inspiration.

Be sure to check out her store’s Instagram @shopnonsoaladi and website for your very own Nonso Aladi design. And remember that Aladi is supporting not just one sickle cell warrior but an entire community of warriors she supports.

“I want people with sickle cell to know they can do anything too.”

“When I get sick even in the hospital I’ll still have my laptop up, checking in with my social media manager or orders.”

“My husband will help me make sure I have everything I need like what material for the bags to get.”

“I don’t think anyone has control over having sickle cell but I try to be more optimistic about having sickle cell.”