Job #1 – Content Manager

The Content Manager is responsible for creating digital content images and text to be utilized across social media platforms.

This part time position will focus on:

  • Creating images for social media posts
  • Researching and writing content for various social media platforms
  • Interacting and networking with the social media community through answering comments, liking and sharing posts
  • Utilizing social media scheduling tools to plan and manage the release of planned content calendar posts

This position is part of the Program Management team and reports directly to the SC101 Leadership team.

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Job #2 – Sponsorship Program Manager

The Sponsorship Manager is responsible for coordinating the sponsorship efforts of the Sickle Cell 101, and for investigating and applying for other funding opportunities. 


This part time position will focus on:

  • Developing relationships with new sponsors
  • Managing existing relationships with current sponsors
  • Researching and evaluating suitable granting and funding opportunities
  • Compiling the information needed to apply for such grants and funds
  • Working in conjunction with other program managers in order to ensure sponsorships tasks are executed on time and within budget

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