Maidunama Sickle Cell Foundation (MAISCEF)

"I am support in Rabi Maidunama because she has genuine passion about raising awareness about sickle cell and also helping warriors who need support services she has help me when I needed blood transfusion and also given me drugs to help enhance my health and mosquitoes nets to prevent me from getting malaria."



"I'm nominating Rabi Maidunama because she is very passionate about the course of sickle Cell, as a warrior herself, she has brought warriors like her on social media together especially a WhatsApp group and Facebook page she created, where she educates us about our condition, ways of reducing pains and living a healthy and productive life."




I am SS genotype meaning that I was born with and have lived with the Sickle Cell Disorder (SCD) all my life. Who would have ever thought that I will be out here making my voice heard rather than languishing on a sick bed all my life? I simply took my chances.” - Rabi Maidunama

Nigeria has the highest number of people living with sickle cell disease in the world, and Rabi is a huge voice for those affected by it in her country. Her passion can be found in all aspects of her work. Rabi is the founder of The Maidunama Sickle Cell Foundation (MAISCEF), a nonprofit organization based in Abuja, Nigeria. Rabi believes that living with sickle cell disease is her primary motivator. “Sometimes God uses people to help other people.”


Rabi started showing symptoms, when she was two years old. She was taken to England and was diagnosed with sickle cell disease. In her youth she began to studying sickle cell on her own to find out why she was different from others. She states, “If you know your dos and don’ts with sickle cell, you’ll be able to manage yourself.” Rabi lost a sister to the disease.


The Maidunama Sickle Cell Foundation was founded in 2007 and provides a wide-range of services to sickle cell disease patients in Nigeria, which include community outreach events, which provides education to various communities. Under Rabi’s leadership, MAISCEF hosts a solidarity walk for World Sickle Cell Day.


“She provides medications, shelter and clothing to the poorest of the poor warriors from her meager funds. She has paid and sponsored hospital bills, including surgeries. She also organizes seminars for warriors, and while creating awareness on knowing your genotype.”


The organization also visits schools and health institutions. “Mothers of sufferers cannot forget the help that came from nowhere when their children were critically ill and hospitalized, and neither have the children that have survived such ordeals, thanks to Rabi’s surprise monthly hospital visitations.”

It does not stop there, Rabi has brought important sickle cell causes to the attention of politicians, governors and members of the Nigerian parliament. And for those affected and looking to participate in their own way, Rabi organizes sickle cell beauty pageants, stating, “amidst our pains we should have fun.”


Rabi has made it her life’s mission to eradicate the incidence of SCD in the Nigerian society.


“She has been able to build a robust brand or machinery for fighting ignorance and misinformation about Sickle cell, identify and mobilize resources for life-long support for sufferers as well as engage policy-makers and stakeholders to be more responsive to the problem in Nigeria.”


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