Is sickle cell contagious?


No. Sickle cell is a genetic disease, meaning it is passed on from generation to generation within your family.



How do I know if I have sickle cell trait?


Within the U.S., all states have newborn screening programs to find out if your child is a carrier. You can contact them for your results. For adults, get tested. With one quick blood draw you can find out whether you carry the gene or not.



Who can get sickle cell?


Anyone. Sickle cell can found people from all walks of life. This is why it is important to get genetic testing. Many people carry the sickle cell gene unknowingly.



Is sickle cell a black/African disease?


No. Sickle cell is predominantly found along the malarial belt regions (i.e. sub-Sahara Africa, Mediterranean, south Asia), and due to globalization sickle cell has become a worldwide condition. Sickle cell can found people from all walks of life.



Is there a cure for sickle cell disease?


There is currently no universal cure for sickle cell disease. However, there have been individuals cured from the disease through bone marrow transplant and gene therapy.



How can I help?


Help raise awareness! Join the movement and Get Involved. You can help make a difference!


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