Sickle Cell Freedom Cruise




Amy Mason-Cooley is a sickle cell warrior, who goes above and beyond to make those living with sickle cell disease feel important. As director of the annual Sickle Cell Freedom Cruise, she brings together those affected by sickle cell disease together in a fun-natured setting. Amy won the Community Advocate of the Year Award.


Here are the testimonies from sickle cell community members she has left a lasting impression on:


“I first met her when my boyfriend told me about her Sickle Cell cruise. I had only met a few people with this disease in person, and I really wanted to start meeting new people in the community. That year that I had went, I met about 75 people with this illness. I am still close to those people. Amy made sure that we all had a great time, we all had our medicines, and that we all made sure we fellowshipped together. While we were on the cruise, my boyfriend had got sick (along with other sicklers) and she made sure she checked on everyone every hour. She brought food to our room, made sure we had heating pads, and even sat with us for a little while so we wouldn’t be so down about not being able to get off the boat that day.


She is always in the community being helpful and advocating for others. I am grateful for everything this young lady does in the community.”


“I have an four year old son he has sickle cell disease SS. I met Amy through Facebook when he was nine months old. My husband and I weren't aware of our status until we had him. I searched for others like Kaleb and Amy found me in one of the sickle cell groups. Since then she has been my backbone with this monster. Any questions of any kind at any time she answers.. Even through her own sickness, she is there. And is the same with countless others.


She has a sickle cell cruise that brings warriors together from all over the world. Her efforts are to bring us together as one. But it also shows us that we can do and go anywhere. That this disease doesn't have to be our life. I am very blessed to have someone like her in my son and my family's life. She is our diamond in the rough.”


“I met Amy Mason a few years via a Facebook friend. I now cannot imagine my life without her in it. Prior to becoming friends with Amy, the only knowledge I had about sickle cell was what I received in a junior high health class. Not only has Amy taken the time to educate me on this disease, but the passion she displays in educating others and helping others in the sickle cell community is absolutely amazing.”

“She began answering questions about sickle cell anemia from the knowledge and life experiences that she had gained over the years. Some time later when she informed me that she had initiated a cruise for sickle cell awareness. She is a remarkable person!”



“Amy connects Warriors to other Warriors in different cities and answer numerous questions about certain symptoms/problems Warriors may have all while spreading awareness of Sickle Cell in her city and abroad while maintaining her health.”

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